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Looking for work from home jobs? Here’s an opportunity!

Work from home jobs.


The money you make working with Monat is great!


Work from home jobsEver feel like all you’re doing is working to pay bills? I certainly do, and that is why I started looking for work from home jobs.

Doing books for my husbands’ business is not leaving me any time to go find even a part time job. Books have to be done, house work needs to be done, meals have to be cooked, thus no time for a job. So I thought, I should research some opportunities for work from home jobs. Because our bills started piling up, my stress level went through the roof. Until I heard from my sister about a couple ideas on work from home jobs. What got me hooked is the working for Monat opportunity.


Monat is a work from home business  “promoting or selling” shampoo and hair care products. So I thought to myself, “well, everyone uses shampoo…everyone buys hair products,  so this will definitely work”.

And let me tell you, this is one of the best “work from home jobs” opportunities I had ever come across. So you should stop looking else where and keep reading!


If you’re looking for work from home jobs opportunities, look no more because working for Monat, I am supporting my family-and it feels so good!


Work from home jobsI was always one of those people who were not good at going around the neighborhood selling cookies. I have never been good at selling makeup such as Mary Kay or Avon. I was also always very skeptical of those “pyramid” building businesses where you have to ask people to join so that you can make money off their commissions. I just didn’t have any success in any of those types of businesses so I gave up on them.


Although I do hear people become very successful, it was just not for me. Up until it got personal. I was hooked when it touched my own family. One of my relatives has a family of two little boys and a mortgage to pay. They live in a state where economy is the worst and her hubbys business isn’t always stable. It was very tough on them financially. So because she couldn’t work outside of her home (because her babies are still too young) she began searching for work from home jobs. And, she was happy she did because ever since she began working with Monat, they have been doing very good financially.


I spoke to her a while back and although $2,000-$2,800 per month may seem like nothing to some, she is so happy with this extra income. And she only just begun! To them it is a great help! She is able to be a stay at home mommy and is able to support her family when her husbands’ business isn’t stable. She is also able to just have that money piling up in their savings and emergency funds. And finally, when that money is second income, she is able to afford things for the boys and herself instead of just working to pay off bills.

Why are you looking for a work from home jobs?

I know I was looking for a stay at home type of job because I wanted to help my hubby out too and of course because I wanted to afford more things. I wanted our bills paid and our debt paid off faster. It is also nice to be able to afford a vacation once in a while! So I’m sure what ever you’re reason for looking for a stay at home job is, I know it must be important to you.

Here’s why this work from home job will actually work!


The high demand for the product:


MonatThe thing is, we all know that some things are just always going to be in business; some things are just in high demand. For example, Medicine– it will always be needed because we need health care; Entertainment-because who wants to live a dull life, right? Alcohol is a big one! No matter how bad our economy may be doing, liquor stores are always open!


So it is with Monat. I mean, how many people do you personally know that are struggling with thinning hair? How many balding men do you know just in your own circle of family and friends? The demand is there for a great, natural product that actually works, that is why it sells and that is why you will profit from Monat.


Other reasons why Monat is a great “work from home jobs opportunity”.


  • MonatMonat targets the whole family; they have products for men, women and children.
  • They keep on coming up with different, new, exciting product!
  • There is a high demand for “all natural” product. Just from my close circle of friends, 95% of my friends are all into “natural, organic” stuff, weather its food, cleaning supplies or beauty products. I know they would be interested in a shampoo that is all natural!


It’s not hard:


Like I’ve mentioned before I am not good at mouth to mouth sales; this is why I chose to blog about Monat. Which is easy because I love to write. If you are not good at sales, or maybe don’t want to bother with a blog, there are so many other ways to promote this product and get people to buy it from you. Especially with todays social media advantages.


Sign up today with Monat and become a distributor. I want to help you succeed. Do you imagine how many things you’ll be able to accomplish everyday if you had a working from home business? Take advantage of this work from home jobs opportunity. You would be able to stay at home and raise your children but still earn an income. After all, we all could use a little break sometime!


Sign up here and make sure to include my sponsor ID (319182). I will be happy to help you start earning today! Also, if you’d like to learn more information on how this works, please feel free to contact me via the form below. I will take the time to answer any questions you may have and explain to you in detail how you can start your own Monat business. Also, if you want to try some free samples, please contact me and I will send some out to you.


Xoxo, Dina


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